Episode 79: Interview with Michael Drout, Part 1

Episode 79: Interview with Michael Drout, Part 1

In this episode we talk to Professor Michael Drout from Wheaton College. We learn why so many scholars think it is important to talk about how to read Tolkien. We discuss how Tolkien created an “impression of depth” through his vast size and intricate detail in his writings. And we learn about Dr. Drout’s first time meeting Tom Shippey.

The Tolkien Society

Modern Scholars

Authors and Academics:
Tom Shippey (The Road to Middle Earth)
Roman Jakobson
Gabriel García Márquez
Angela Carter
Ursula Le Guin (Earthsea)
Michael Swanwick
Laini Taylor (Daughter of Smoke & Bone)
Frank Herbert (Dune)
Douglas Caine (Constructing Arda)
Snorri Sturluson
Jacob Grimm
Douglas Anderson (Annotated Hobbit)
Verlyn Flieger, Patrick Connor, David Bratman (The Tolkien Society)
Dimitra Fimi

Mallorn (Tolkien Society)


International Society of Anglo-Saxonists Conference:

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