Rise of the Mormegil

Rise of the Mormegil

Many years have passed since the Fellowship of Light battled the shadow creature at the Grey Havens. Now the heroes find themselves in an unknown land, where they discover a man in black is wreaking havoc. Undeath follows him wherever he goes, and long forgotten legends rise again having been possessed by his evil. 

Join the players of this Dungeons and Dragons campaign as they attempt to stop the man in black as he collects artifacts both on and off the Lonely Isle. Welcome to Tol Eressea in Part 2 of the Inglorion Bastards Trilogy: Rise of the Mormegil.


Ezellendur, the Elf

Played by MJ

Ezellendur is an ancient elf that has been battling the Shadow for thousands of years. He was born in Year of the Trees (around the year 1500) and is the son of Curufin. Curufin had two sons, Celebrimbor and Ezellendur. Celebrimbor settled in Eregion and  Ezellendur, went with him. Sauron killed Celebrimbor, and ever since Ezellendur's singular focus has been to battle the Shadow to avenge his brother.

Mor-lómin, the Avathari

Played by Jon

Mor-lómin is a creature of shadow from the Avathar. Though is external appearance is elf-like, anyone who gazes upon him log enough knows that he is not one of the Eldar. He has lived countless years enjoying the world of Arda, and when he heard that the balance of life might change with the coming of the shadow to Eressëa, he joined forces with the Fellowship of Light to keep Arda status quo.

Okrin, the Maiar

Played by Vic

Okrin called to serve Vana in Year 1 of the First Age. He was called Tinfang Gelion when in Doriath in service to King Thingol and Queen Melian. Mentioned in the Lay of Leithian. The Woodmen of Brethil called him Glirhuin. Until Turin and Morwen died in 501 FA. Then he left and went to Numenor and was known as Rhynnyn. He left with Elendil and sons for Middle Earth in 2991 SA. He served as Gléowine of Rohan under King Théoden until his death in 3019 TA. Then he was called back to Vana for this mission.


Feredir, the Dúnedain

Played by Marco

Ever since he was a boy, he has dreamed about being in the land of Aman. Now, he has traveled across the straight road, and there are those that are now calling him the Mormegil. Having been afflicted by the great wolf, Feredir now travels through the land of Eressëa while transforming into what he is sworn to fight. 

Tesoro, the Hobbit

Played by Max

Tesoro has little choice now. Having been bitten by the great wolf, Tesoro needed a way to extract the venom. Goldberry offered a way. She gave Tesoro a cloak that would make him immune to the effects of the werewolf, but in the end would turn Tesoro slowly into a tree spirit. Tesoro only hope he can rid the land of the shadow before he succumbs to the effects of the cloak.


Raiken, the Woodman

Played by Josh

In order to close the portal to Eressëa, the ritualist had to dive through the portal with Taradon's shield and signet ring. When Raiken dove through, there was already a part of the shadow maiar in the portal with him. Because time is varied when traveling across the Straight Road, Raiken was seemingly trapped in the portal with the shadow for over 60 years. Now, horribly burned and damaged, Raiken joins his friends changed both inside and out, but with one goal- destroy the shadow that he unleashed on the world.

Burin, the Dwarf

Played by Spriggz

After being possessed at the Grey Havens by the shadow, Burin has his eye fixed on the Man in Black (who supposedly is or is aligned with the shadow). Though his heart was desperately calling him back to Khazad-dûm with his father Balin, he will not allow himself to return without destroying the undeath and evil that he helped to unleash on the world