Sembian Revival

Sembian Revival

Far East of the Sword Coast, the Shadovar and Uskevren have fallen. The Shadowstorm is no more. Sembia is fractured into city states.

A mysterious hero rises from the ashes to usher in a new era of prosperity. Yet, there is still suffering. Cormyr and the wild elves of the Dalelands offer war on all sides. Earthmotes, madness, and shadow dragons plague the lands.

These are the tales of the heroes who ended that suffering… 1491 DR The Year of Sembian Revival. 


Sonya is a Shadovar Psion with a past. On the run from bounty hunters from Sakkors, she travels with her party to help piece together the shadows of her past, all the while wrestling with a literal voice in her head.


Meet the Ranger Half-Elf with a sense of humor. This weaver from Westgate, found a home in Jarliel… that is until his life got turned upside down.


Mitoa the Harper. This Bard Kenku came over from Westgate to investigate the new leader of Sembia, Aldond Talendar. Along the way he meets up with old friends and gets sucked into a whirlwind adventure.


Jendal is a devoted Monk of Tymora. Though he is seeking retreat at Old Hazard Farm, he never turns away those in need. Now he travels with this new party, basking in the favor of his Lady.

Thaisce (Hash-ca)

Thaisce awoke to a call from the Overgod, Ao. Having been in his owl animal form for over 1,000 years, this Deva is now dedicated to protecting the Tablets of Fate (and those whose fate are tied to the Tablets). 

The Enemy


A fallen merchant noble from Selgaunt. His dying wish at the Battle of Rumblecoats was to make his family proud. The Raven Queen was happy to make this happen! Now he is the Lord High Governor of Sembia.


Thera is a Deathstalker of Bhaal. She is now the proud parent of two Shadow Dragons… and also the recipient of one of the Aspects of Bhaal. What could go wrong?


Kaligax serves the Raven Queen here in Sembia. He is an experienced assassin and bounty hunter. He has a legion of shader-kai at his disposal to advance his Queen's dark purposes.