Search for Tol Eressëa

Search for Tol Eressëa

It is 2953 of the Third Age. Erebor has been reclaimed. Sauron has fled from Mirkwood into Mordor to begin his pursuit for the One Ring. And the last meeting of the White Council has tasked Gildor Inglorion with assembling a fellowship to stop Umbarian pirates from assembling ancient artifacts from a second age prophecy.

Join the players of this Adventures in Middle Earth Dungeons and Dragons campaign as they unravel the mysteries of the prophecy. Welcome to Arda in Part 1 of the Inglorion Bastards Trilogy: Search for Tol Eressea.


Burin, the Dwarf

Played by Spriggz

Burin stands out from the other dwarves in Erebor. He is taller, stronger, and heartier than his kin under the Lonely Mountain. He likes to keep his parentage private, though he the true secrets of that family line he fails to yet realize. His beard is a deep red color, like the Firebeards of the Blue Mountains. He was asked to come on this quest by Dain, King Under the Mountain at the request of Alatar, the Blue.

Angolan, the Elf

Played by Christian

Angolon was formerly of the wood elves of Mirkwood. His life was forever changed when he was nearly pulled into an old abandoned well by a creature of the shadow. Since that fateful day in the forest, Angolon dedicated his life to learning the deepest secrets of the shadow. His obsession with learning the secrets the dark lord led to his banishment from the realm of Mirkwood. He was asked to come on this quest by Elrond.

Raiken, the Woodman

Played by Josh

Raiken “Bear Son” was born on 2927, the first of two sons. His brother was Evoric. As is the case with many of his people Raiken’s young life was marred by tragedy. His father disappeared while on patrol along the border of Mirkwood. The two boys were obsessed when discovering what had happened to their father. While Raiken eventually took on the responsibilities of his people and abandoned that quest, his brother Evoric never let it go. Raiken was asked to go on this quest by his chieftain.

Feredir, the Dúnedain

Played by Marco

Feredir was the son of Calafar and a Dúnedain of pure blood. His line stretched back to the island of Numenor, and since the destruction of Arthedain, they have been called the Thangail, protector of heirs of Isildur. His grandfather perished in northern Misty Mountains trying to protect Aragorn's grandfather, Arador. Now he joins a fellowship at the request of Gildor Inglorion to retake the lost seeing stone of Elostirion, the Elendil Stone.

Tesoro, the Hobbit

Played by Max

Tesoro Took was born in the Shire in 2918 T.A. (1318 by Shire Reckoning). He had always felt confined by the boarders and the boredom of the Shire, but it wasn't until Bilbo Baggins returned from his trip to the mountain loaded with treasure, that the desire for adventure fully bloomed within him. He traveled the Breelands often and made friends with a certain ranger, named Feredir. On Tesoro's 35th birthday, the ranger asked him to participate in a great quest. One that would certain change his life.