Episode 69: Fiona Jallings Teaches Sindarin

Episode 69: Fiona Jallings Teaches Sindarin

The brilliant creator of Realelvish.net talks with us about her site, her book, her classes, and the Sindarin language. We also talk about the Parma Eldalamberon journal, the Vinyar Tengwar journal, and the cultural rules elves use for naming things and people. Lastly, she breaks down some of elvish words we used in the campaign.

Sites Mentioned:

Sindarin Words Discussed:
Talcrist = Foot Cleaver (instead of Hathadol)
Gwarthauron = Dirty Abominable One (instead of Gwarthaur)
Chiras Dellais Thrui = Finding of Wicked Secrets (instead of Rhû Limbdoll, Battle of)
Celebwing Thrui = Wicked Silver Waves (instead of Drû Celebross, Battle of)
Gwaith Calad = Fellowship of Light (instead of Nos Glanadur)
Morveloth = Mighty Night (instead of Taurmyrnoth)

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