Episode 220- Interview with RE Druin

Episode 220- Interview with RE Druin

On this episode, RED tells to us about his time on Webnovel and on Royal Road. On Royal Road his Power of Ten has over 7 million views. RED talks to us about his main character, Sama Rantha, and how the chapter he shared (for podcast episode 21) is a fan favorite. Enjoy!


Book References:

The Book of Twelve Swords by Fred Saberhagen is available on Amazon, as are the original Riftwar books by Feist.

The original Tom Swift books, and Rip Foster’s Ride the Gray Planet, are something you’ll have to scrounge up on Ebay or something, they are long out of print. Again, I read them in grade school, so very friendly to younger readers.

Honorable mentions: The entire line of Conan Books, Tarzan Books, and original Sherlock Holmes books were favorites growing up, along with John Carter, Warlord of Mars. Conan is basically the model for all original D&D adventurers and warriors!

Jules Vernes’ various stories are excellent starting points to get kids interested in outlandish science fiction.

Naturally I also read all the original Star Trek and Star Wars novels, and stayed up VERY late to catch late night episodes of Star Trek, which only came on at midnight.

Among more recent series, the Warhammer 40k line of Gaunt’s Ghosts by Dan Abner is one of the consistently good lines of stories coming out of them. Necropolis of that line is a great sci-fi/fantasy military novel I’ve read at least a half-dozen times.

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