Episode 218- Tinea and Leah

Episode 218- Tinea and Leah

Aden… Aden had an ugly childhood. It taught him how to fight and survive, taught him how to run and hide and cut ties. Taught him that he wasn’t born right. It didn’t teach him much else. So Aden ran.

Aden grew up. Discovered the world, and crossed an ocean. Made his life his own. Soul-deep pain notwithstanding, he fought to be happy. Aden made do.

Until the aliens invaded his neighborhood.

What to do when you have a rifle in hand, and are damn good with it?
What to do when the rifle isn’t enough, when the only way to save a girl and her mother from death, is to die himself?

Aden makes his choice, and is rewarded beyond his wildest dreams. Or perhaps…exactly to his wildest dreams.

Ladies and Gentlemen! Follow Aden as he alters his DNA with the power of Vanguard science to become what, and who, he wishes to be. Accompany Tinea as she greets the world and promptly explores new places, voluntarily or not. Watch as she meets new people; one in particular, one in terrible need of cuddles.


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