Episode 212- Inexorable Chaos by Nino/Cliff Hanger

Episode 212- Inexorable Chaos by Nino/Cliff Hanger

Gods are, generally speaking, not fans of directly putting their fingers on the scale. This is for a variety of reasons, ranging from cautioun to amusement, but is generally because after a few hundred millennia and enough prayers to fill a hollow Earth, you’re bound to learn the art of delegation. Luckily, among the unwashed masses, there exist the exceptional, the gifted, those with the potential to become Heroes.
Useful pawns.
Thus, the Gods adopted a more laissez-faire policy.
Quasi Eludo has been a Hero. He did the whole “save the world” rigmarole, came home, and mulled over his magical journey. It was amazing! A whole lifetime as the destined savior, with magic and monsters, love and adventure, lifelong friendships and heartfelt goodbyes. There was so much, and yet, gone so soon.
It wasn’t enough. It was never enough. He wanted to do it again. And where wants coincide, there’s a market, so he sold his services to the lazy, wanton Gods.
Now, after countless subjective centuries of Hero-ing, and several awkward conversations with the IRS, an odd God has come to Quasi with a unique request: Destroy a world, minimum payment of several million dollars on completion.
Quasi sees no reason not to accept.

Author Nino/Cliff Hanger:

Narrator Mads Lindegaard:

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