Episode 207: Mistaken for a Returnee by ReWight

Episode 207: Mistaken for a Returnee by ReWight

Aldritch of clan Blackshield is older than dirt and tired of just living day to day with no hope for the future.

A half-giant Dwarf by birth, a cleric by class, a soldier by duty, and a survivor by necessity. Aldritch has lived through more wars than he cares to recall. He’s seen kingdoms rise and empires buried beneath the sands of time, and he personally witnessed the appearance of the first portal that bridged the gap between the demon realm and his home world. That portal was the catalyst that caused a chain reaction, which eventually led to the death of his world.

However, this isn’t the end of Aldritch’s story. And his next great adventure will take him to faraway lands where he’ll make new friends, new enemies, discover a newfound love… And kill enough demons to drown the world in their blood. 

Sulika Wysarie is the current leader of the Azuris’ Hunter’s Guild 3rd closing team. She lives with her lifelong friend; part time genius potion maker and shop owner, and full-time flirt – Faeyra Silverowl. The two of them have shared a secret since they were kids – Sulika is the sole surviving member of her family, a Kitsune, and more importantly, an heir to the mythical nine-tailed fox. 

An oracle with a 90% accuracy rating has forewarned the hunter’s guild that a group of cultists intend to open a portal to the demon realm right in the heart of their beloved city… But no one takes her seriously. No one, save for Sulika and her team. Now it’s up to a Kitsune sorceress and her team to save their beloved city from the claws of demons. And in doing so, bring upon the world a walking calamity of anger and destruction. 

Author ReWight:


Narrator Luke Jones: 




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