III. Trials of the Valar Episode 139: Escaping Thangorodrim

Episode 139: Escaping Thangorodrim

As the group destroys the balrog looking creature in the altar room, they attempt to fight off the Virtues of Morgoth, and rescue Alatar, Ilfrin, and Imin. They discover the Mallet of Tombo and Angrî and Morgoth’s Crown of Iron before coming face to face with Gothmog, the Lord of the Balrogs.

II. Rise of the Mormegil Episode 61: The Cottage of Lost Play

Episode 61: The Cottage of Lost Play

In this episode the characters chat with Littleheart, the Gong Warden, and the couple – Lindo and Vairë. There they learn about the Man in Black and that the library of Kortirion will have information about Talbor (the word Feredir’s sword keeps whispering). Enroute to Kortirion, they encounter a problem…