III. Trials of the Valar Episode 144: The “Dwarfish” Riddle

Episode 144: The “Dwarfish” Riddle

Well, the group certainly isn’t as quick as Bilbo at solving riddles, but join them in Gundabad as they try to solve an age old Dwarvish riddle… Or in this case, a “Dwarfish” riddle, in order to get the chain, Angainor.

I. Search for Tol Eressëa Episode 7: The Outskirts of Gundabad

Episode 7: The Outskirts of Gundabad

The crew tracks a pack of Umbarian corsairs through the misty mountains and into the Helegrod region, near Gundabad. There they meet a familiar pair of dwarves and find one of the artifacts from Taradon’s Wager.